Sunday, July 17, 2011

Farmer Market

Farmer Market Family Day!

Tori was at the farmer's market with Dean McDermott and their kids Liam, 4, andStella, 3, in Malibu, Calif. on Sunday (July 17). It was a sunny day for the outing. The kids seemed like they were enjoying looking at the flowers.

Stella is wearing Lucia White Multi Dress by Pink Chicken New York.

and the Surfer Gold Sandals by Sun-San Sandals


  1. What a precious family! Tori Spelling seems like a stellar mom who is surprisingly down to earth! What a blessing to have the ability to wade through Hollywood's hell~aciously deep ocean of potential drama only to float blissfully on top of it all!

    As a home school Mama of three, I know how tough it can be to have a family & keep my sanity, sense of humor and style in the process! (But I am far from living in a fish bowl!)

    I have so much respect for Tori as I have watched her grow gracefully (over the years) into one of the most amazing and beautiful Hollywood celeb. Mama's on the planet! You go girl!

    I can't even believe how much I love her blog, especially the Crafty Mama stuff! Looking forward to seeing her continue to blossom as Best Hollywood Mama in my humble opinion!
    Shawnie Hendrix

  2. OMG,
    I have the Saltwater sandals for my little girl!!! They are awesome they provide comfort and are super stylish. I have been using thes on my little girl since she was 2, she 's 3 now and i have them in different colors with the little heart cut outs. BTW, Tori is an amazing mommy, she is such a multi-tasker, and her family is amazing!!!! what a role model.dont stop all you do Tori, you are wonderful and such a great mommy to look up to!!!