Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NYC Style

On the Fashion world of Stella in NYC!

*** "A few weeks ago, I made a wonderful trip to NYC. Look at the beautiful outfit that my mommy chose for me"

*** "I am the little princess and my mom is the queen"

Stella is wearing Black Bubble Knit Dress by Alice+Olvia (sold out), Black Floozies Sunglasses by AJ Morgan, Hot Pink Beret by Meant 2Beand (only available on store in Tarzana, LA ).

Also, she is wearing the Mongolian Fur Jacket by Halabaloo.

and the Abigail Boots by Michael Kors Kids.

(Thanks Tori for the outfit info and exclusive pictures)


  1. love this outfit on Buggie so cute!

  2. OMGosh -- Love the outfit...especially the Kors booties! Stella is just too cute wearing her beret, holding the glasses!! What an adorable lil' fashionista under the mamma queen's wing.

  3. Fashion Queen Diva so adorable :) Love her outfit :)