Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mommy Time

Out with Mommy!

Tori and Stella went to do some shopping today in Malibu.

Stell is wearing Paisley Coral Dress by Elephantito (sold out)

and Chameleons Translucent Clogs by Crocs (The new Crocs Chameleons™ Translucent Clog changes colors in the sun. Using exclusive breakthrough patent-pending technology, these kids’ clogs transform from one color to another almost instantly when exposed to sunlight).

Thanks so much LAURA for the pic!

Stella also got a Green Scooter by Mini Kick and Cutie Cat-Pink Helmet by Raskullz Kids.


  1. Adorable!!

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  3. You're welcome! If you want, I have more pics :)