Saturday, September 10, 2011

Halloween Coverage

Mommy, Liam & Stella: 
Parenting Magazine Coverage!

Halloween is just around the corner and Hollywood celebrities are always keen to get on the dressing up bandwagon. And none more than third-time mother-to-be Tori Spelling. The actress got in on the action early this year, showing off her baby bump and posing alongside her two children Liam, four, and Stella, two for the cover of parenting Magazine in costume. In the adorable cover shot, taken for the magazine's October edition, Tori is dressed as Jean Harlow, in a white form-fitting dress and with her hair in tight blonde waves. She even donned the classic red lipstick and black eye-liner.

The Beverly Hills 90210 star is expecting her third child next month. Meanwhile son Liam donned a bowler hat and drawn on moustache as Charlie Chaplin and daughter Stella is dressed as Shirley Temple in a white dress and wig of ringlets.

*Thank so much to Stardust

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