Friday, January 6, 2012

Stella´s Style: NYE

Stella's style on NYE has a history behind it. Tori post on her website

"The back story of this picture is that Stella wanted braids in her hair after we showered in the morning to match mine (a trick to give long locks a wavy look...the lazy gal’s curling iron). When evening fell, I took our braids out, and presto waves! Stella then picked out this dress in the picture and said, "Mom I need lip gloss!" When I asked her if I could snap a picture of her, she immediately struck this pose. Disclaimer: she finessed her Christy Turlington pose and Kate Moss pout all on her own. I'm no pageant mom, although I quietly beamed from behind my iPhone and quickly shared my mini Vogue model's picture with all my gays, who wrote back "She's F'ing fierce!" and "Work it!"

Stella is wearing Polka Dot Dress by Harajuku Mini for Target.

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  1. Adorable. I want that dress for my little Kenlee!